Call for Abstracts 2020

Abstract submissions are now open! We will be accepting abstracts of up to 300 words for talks and poster submissions until Friday 20th March.

Posters also come with the option of a 5-minute lightning talk which will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis if we have more submissions than we can fit into our lightning session.

To submit an abstract please email with your abstract in a separate attachment. This year we are doing blind reviews of all abstract submissions. Please ensure your abstract does not contain author names, affiliations or any other potentially identifying information.

Grant Applictions

We will be offering some grants for presenters to help cover costs of travel or other expenses associated with attending the conference. These will be available to students, those on low incomes or those with high costs assosciated with attending such as childcare requirements.

We know that childcare isn’t always an option, so babies and very young children are welcome to attend the conference with you!

To apply for a grant or if you have any questions about abstract submissions or grant applications please email us on