Culture Conference 2020: “Evolutionary Perspectives on Culture”

The 2020 Culture Conference aims to broaden the scope of previous years themes by hosting an interdisciplinary workshop with the theme “Evolutionary
perspectives on culture”. 

Our primary objective is to bring together diverse researchers in the fields of animal behaviour, culture and evolution to exchange knowledge and expertise, and promote interdisciplinary discussion of cutting edge research on the study of culture. We aim to foster an environment where researchers from fields as diverse as ecology to economics can collaborate to address pressing current issues as well as advance human knowledge. 

We hope that all attendees can contribute towards the same goal: participation in an open forum of discussion regarding how culture has come to be defined and operationalized in their fields, and how these unique yet varied evolutionary perspectives can inform each other – methodologically and otherwise


We invite you to join us for this two-day conference hosted by the University of Stirling, UK, from 2nd-3rd July 2020. The conference will be held at the Tolbooth in central Stirling.

This year’s conference is funded by the Human Behaviour and Evolution Society (HBES).