Feedback 2015

We have received fantastic feedback on the first CultureConference, some of which we would like to share:

“What a brilliant conference! The atmosphere was extremely open and friendly, with a really great attitude towards interdisciplinary communication.  I’ve been to conferences that have attempted this before where it seemed like participants were not so open to other approaches, but this time it really worked.  I think this had a lot to do with the people that were invited, but also the friendly and enthusiastic way in which the organisers brought everyone together.”

“It was a lovely, small, cosy conference with a clear focus, yet very interdisciplinary. It meant everyone got a chance to speak to everyone they wanted to, as it was a very open and friendly environment (not too large and intimidating) and got to hear new perspectives, but also everyone was coming from a similar angle in terms of studying culture.”

“It was well-organised, easy-to-access information, and had good range of talks (all of these are super-important, but often not done right – so well done!).”

“Thanks so much for a great conference – there were several people there whose work I’d known but whom I’d never met, as well as old friends. The organisation was really terrific, and a very nice touch to have it so well catered! I would like to come next year”