Call for Abstracts 2021


If you submitted an abstract please check your emails for a decision about your presentation.

Due to this being a virtual conference, the formatting of these various levels of presentations will be different.

  • Short talks will take place on a shared Zoom Webinar space, with a scheduled timeslot for each speaker.  We currently plan for each to be 30 minutes long (including a recommended 5-10 minutes saved for live questions).
  • Lightning Talks will be 5 minutes long, and we will ask presenters to pre-record their talks. A scheduled timeslot for the talks with live Q&A will take place on Zoom.
  • Poster Presentations are going to occur via a digital poster booklet and scheduled time for attendees to view the posters. We are also encouraging poster presenters to share their posters on twitter during this time. 

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions about each presentation format

Abstracts be 300 words or less, and should relate to the theme of ‘Evolutionary Perspectives on Culture‘ which we are interpreting very broadly. We welcome applications from any discipline that is interested in the study of culture.

This year, we are offering small grants to presenters who mark that they are interested in aid in the registration form (below). The aim of the small grant is to support presenters in the endeavor of preparing their presentations, and offer them some compensation for their time and effort.

The exact amount of each grant will be calculated based on available funds and the number of presenters who are interested. If you are not experiencing financial hardships, we respectfully ask that you consider not applying for aid. However, we require no additional information or proof of hardship, so this award will automatically be open to all presenters!